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Electric Volvos and my old C30

We hear a lot of exciting and electric news form Volvo these days. Yesterday Volvo launched their new fully electric SUV XC40 Recharge, and next week the first Polestar Space will open in Oslo. I think both the Volvo XC40 Recharge and the Polestar 2 will be attractive models in the market and boost the sales of EVs even more.

I'm looking forward to having a good look at Polestar 2 next week in the new Polestar Space in Olso. I will take some pictures that I will share with you.

This blog-post is really not about the Volvo XC40 or the Polestar 2, but about the first electric Volvo. The first one was the Volvo C30 Electric, and I was so lucky to drive one for three and a half year. When listening to the XC40 launch yesterday, I dug into some old pictures and you can see some of them here.

One hundred vehicles of the second generation of Volvo C30 electric was produced in 2013. The car had a 24kWh battery and a 22kW AC on-board charger. On a good warm day, I could drive up to 120km on one charge if I was careful. The charging was a bit tricky. If the battery was close to empty, it took nearly one hour to charge the first 20 %, and then it charged with 22kW up to around 90 % before the charging slowed down again. To fully charge the battery took roughly two hours on a 22 kW charging station.

Below you see a couple of videos form test drives. The last one about the first version of the C30 Electric, and it is also an early version of Fully Charged. Enjoy!


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