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VW ID.3 was shown to customers at a VW dealer in Oslo last week.

For the first time, the VW ID.3 was shown at a dealer, and it did happen at Møller Bil Oslo Vest in Oslo last week. I was in a meeting in the neighbourhood and used the opportunity to have a look at the car.

The VW ID.3 will initially be launched as a limited-edition called "1st". VW says the launch edition will have a 205hp (150kW) and the battery size is 58 kWh. With the 58 kW battery, the range will be up to 420kM (WLTP). Later the ID.3 will also come with a 45 and 77 kWh battery. For daily AC charging the IK.3 can charge at 7,2kW on 1-phase (32A) and 11kw on 3-phase (3x16A). On DC charging the max charging speed is 100kW, and VW says that half an hour charge will give 290km. In Norway, the price for the base model is NOK 330 000 (€ 34 000). You can also get it as Plus and Max, and it is indicated the price increases with NOK 50 000 for each step.

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