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Polestar Space Oslo

Oppdatert: 25. okt. 2019

Today I visited the new Polestar Space in Oslo. It is one of two shops opening now, and the other one is in Bejing. Spaces are Polestar's version of the traditional car-dealer. Here is what Polestar writes about Spaces:

"Our take on the automotive retail experience, Spaces are rendered in glass and concrete, stripping away distraction and putting the cars in focus. Component walls, atelier tables, and material samples bring elements of the Polestar universe to the fore. Virtual and augmented reality solutions let visitors interact with our products in previously unseen ways. Configurator screens allow guests to spec up our various cars, and even take said configurations with them when they leave."

My main reason for visiting the Space in Oslo was of course to see the Polestar 2. I liked what I did see. I think this will be a success in the market and a great alternative to Tesla's Model 3. Who is the best I think depend on what kind of car you like. In the Polestar you sit comfortably and low.

You can find a lot of information about the Polestar on the internet so I will just bring you some pictures. I will end this blog by saying I look forward to driving the car because that's what cars are made for.

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