Circle K remove petrol pump to make space for EV charger

At a petrol station in Oslo, Circle K has removed a petrol pump and replaced it with an EV Quick Charger. - We have never done this before. There is a fierce battle over the square meters at gas stations, and the fuel pumps still deliver the core products and drive most of the traffic to our stations. But now there is a development in Norway where chargers in certain places drive massive amounts of traffic to the station, fast charging is in demand in a large and growing customer segment. It is fun to be a pioneer for the whole world in this way, says Norwegian Chief of Circle K, Sverre Rosén. - We do not know that a change from pump to charger has been made elsewhere in the world, for us it is a very clear indication of what changing time we are in when we break this barrier, Sverre Rosén adds. In Oslo it is a high demand for charging, around half of the car sold in the area are battery-electric vehicles, and for many who live in apartments and parking in the streets, charging is a problem.

Historical event: First electric car quick charger has taken the place of a fuel pump at Circle K Kiellands plaza in Oslo. Photo: Terje Borud

Historical event: First electric car quick charger has taken the place of a fuel pump at Circle K Kiellands plaza in Oslo. Christina Bu of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association received the honour of cutting the cord on behalf of Norwegian electric motorists. From left Håkon Stiksrud, Director of e-mobility in Circle K, Christina Bu, Secretary-General of the Norwegian Electric Car Association and Sverre Rosén, Norwegian Manager in Circle K. Photo: Terje Borud

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