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A Quick charging station was stolen in Northern Norway

Police are asking for tips after thieves got away with an entire quick charging station from Fortum's charging site at Hattfjelldal in Northern Norway.

A Quick Charger was stolen in Hattfjelldal PHOTO: ØYVIND NES

- Never heard of anything similar, says the company that owns the station.

Theft of charging cables is not an unknown phenomenon, but that an entire charging station for electric vehicles is stolen probably happens far less often.

The thieves have disconnected the power and cut the cable to the quick charger. PHOTO: ØYVIND NES

The charging site was referred to as the world's first Sami charging site when it was opened in 2017. Labelling and instructions on the station were in both Sami and Norwegian.

- People steal a lot of strange things, but I haven't heard of anything like that being stolen, says former mayor Asgeir Almås.

- These must be people who know what they are doing. They must have unplugged the power in a way because they have cut the cable. This is not a small cable. This would be a real bang if they cut it right off, says Almås.

The charging station is owned by Fortum, which operates over 1900 charging stations in Norway. They do not know similar stories.

- None of the colleagues I have talked to have heard anything like this before, says communications manager Stian Mathisen in Fortum

- This is no easy job. The thefts have broken the into the fuse box and switched off the electricity at the charging station. Then they unscrewed the quick charger and took it away.

The charging station was opened in 2017 and is the first where the labelling is in both Norwegian and Southern Sami. It is the quick charger on the left that is stolen. PHOTO: FORTUM


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