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64.1 % Market share for BEVs in Norway in July

The numbers for the new car sales in Norway for July is out, and they are enjoyable reading. The market share for pure electric cars (BEV) is 64.1 %, and for plug-in hybrids (PHEV) 20.6 %. In other words, 85 % of all new cars sold has a charging port and can run on clean electric energy.

The total number of new cars sold in July was 10 507, and in the table at the bottom, you can see the numbers for different drive trains. Of course, Norway is a small car market, and July is the vacation month here, so the numbers are not impressive, but we see a clear trend that the sales of BEVs are still increasing rapidly. So far this year the market share of BEVs is 58 %, up form 48 % last year.

The most sold model was the Ford Mustang Mach-e with 898 cars. The second most sold car model is Skoda Enyaq with 558 vehicles, and on the third, we find Toyota RAV4 with 478.

For Mustang Mach-e (Picture: Ford)

Ford has struggled in the Norwegian market the last few years, and after seven months last year, they had only sold 1 833 cars. So far this year, Ford has sold 5 476 cars, of which 3 616 is Mustang Mach-e. This show how critical pure electric cars is for the car companies in Norway. Ford, as a brand, has gone from 14th place last year to 7th this year from January to July, and in July being the most sold brand.

Another brand that clearly benefits from having an electric model their portfolio is Volvo. In the first seven months last year, they sold 4 957 cars. This year they sold 8 901 cars, primarily because of the XC40 Pure Electric.

Volvo XC40 Pure Electric


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